We Can Books FAQs

What if I can’t find a good photo for a word set?

  • If you live with or near your young reader, you can make a fun project out of creating and finding the images together!
  • You can even “stage” some of the photos (for example, take a photo of the child in a hat for the “hat” page. Or have fun combining more than one of the words from a word set in a single photo (like a photo of the child in a hat, sitting on a mat, holding a cat)! The possibilities are limitless. 

Creating the photos together can be like a special, memorable scavenger hunt

  • Your phone has a “search” function in your Photos section. Just look for the little magnifying glass icon, click it, and then type in what you are looking for (cat, pan, dog, bug, etc.) and all the images in your phone that fit that word will come up! No need to manually search through thousands of photos.
  • Remember that many of the words can use an image that illustrates the word (for example, a fire for “hot,” or a wet dog for “wet,” or a red toy or flower for “red,” etc.
  • If you are still struggling to find a suitable image, you can always use one of our backup photos, which are pre-loaded onto every page.

Can I come back to the app and finish a book if I run out of time?

  • Yes! We save files of unfinished books for you on our servers for one year. We save files of completed books for a minimum of three years. 

Can I order another copy of a We Can Book that I created earlier?

  • You bet! Just log into your account and click on your Order History. From there, you can order additional copies.

How many books are there in the We Can Books series?

  • There are 3 books in the series, that take young readers through short vowels, long vowels, vowel combinations, and consonant blends. By the time a child can easily read all the words in the series, they are well on their way to independent reading.

What countries do you ship to?

  • We currently only ship to US addresses. However, we will be adding international addresses in 2023. Thank you for your patience as we grow!

Oops! I got an email that my book is stopped in production because one of my images or some text is stuck in moderation. What can I do?

  • We Can Books uses Artificial Intelligence to scan for images or text that could be inappropriate, and if the A.I. tags something, it is then reviewed by a human. If it still fails to pass moderation, the book is not printed, and this notification is triggered.
  • Any moderation process can never be perfect and we, of course, must always err on the cautious side. For example, many of our moderation issues are created by cute (and sometimes cheeky!) bath time pictures that we all have of our little ones!
  • What can you do? If you think this was an error on our part, please reach out to us at info@wecanbooks.com and we will look into it. You can also go back into your saved book and edit what we likely tagged as a sensitive image/ text and resubmit your We Can Book for printing. If the sensitive image/text can’t be resolved, we will refund your payment.