What are the word sets?

How do they work?

We Can Books leads your child through a progression of phonics words linked to familiar images from their own world, creating an emotional connection to the letters, sounds and words: the very building blocks of reading.

Each book in the series of three builds on the last one, and by the time your child can easily make their way through the third book, they are well on their way to independent reading.

It’s easy and fun to make your We Can Books in the app: just choose a picture from your photo gallery on your phone or take a new photo that matches with one of the words in that set. Don’t worry if you can’t find a photo or take one to match, we have a great backup image on each page you can use.



  • Make it fun

If you live with or near your young reader, you can make a fun project out of creating and finding the images together! You can even “stage” some of the photos (for example, take a photo of the child in a hat for the “hat” page). Or have fun combining more than one of the words from a word set in a single photo (like a photo of the child in a hat, sitting on a mat, holding a cat). The possibilities are limitless. Creating the photos together can be a special, memorable scavenger hunt.

  • Search your photos

Your phone has a “search” function in your Photos section. Just look for the little magnifying glass icon, click it, then type in what you are looking for (cat, pan, dog, bug, etc.) and all the images in your phone that fit that word will come up! No need to manually search through thousands of photos.

  • Think outside the box

Remember that many of the words can use an image that illustrates the word (for example, a fire for “hot,” or a wet dog for “wet,” or a red toy or flower for “red”) etc.

  • Use ours instead

If you are still struggling to find a suitable image, no worries! You can always use one of our beautiful backup photos, which are preloaded onto every page.

Want to know which words are coming up on each page so you can gather or create your photos ahead of time?

Here are the word sets for each book in the We Can Books Series:


We Can Book 1: Short vowels, 3-letter words

32 pages total: 30 pages with key words & photos, 1 dedication page, 1 We Can Books Page

  1. cat, hat, bat, mat, pat, sat, fat, rat, at
  2. fan, can, man, pan, van, tan, ran, ban, an
  3. cap, nap, lap, tap, gap, map, rap, zap
  4. jam, ham, ram, bam, dam, yam, am
  5. lab, gab, jab, dab, fab, cab, nab, tab
  6. sad, mad, bad, pad, fad, had, lad, Dad
  7. bug, hug, tug, rug, jug, mug, dug, pug
  8. yum, gum, tum, hum, sum, rum, bum, mum
  9. tub, rub, dub, hub, nub, sub, pub
  10. up, cup, pup, yup
  11. nut, cut, but, rut, gut, jut, hut
  12. bud, mud, cud, dud
  13. sun, run, bun, fun, pun, nun, dun
  14. fox, sox, box, pox, lox, ox
  15. hog, dog, fog, jog, log, bog, cog
  16. cob, gob, rob, mob, sob, job, fob, bob
  17. hot, not, lot, got, jot, dot, pot, rot, tot, cot
  18. rod, nod, cod, sod, pod
  19. hop, top, bop, mop, sop, lop, pop
  20. pom, tom, Mom
  21. bib, fib, rib, jib, nib
  22. dig, big, fig, wig, jig, pig, rig, gig, zig
  23. hid, rid, kid, did, lid
  24. six, fix, nix, mix
  25. sip, nip, hip, dip, lip, rip, yip, tip, pip, zip
  26. pin, win, tin, bin, kin, din, fin, in
  27. sit, wit, lit, bit, fit, kit, hit, pit, it
  28. red, bed, wed, fed, led
  29. hen, pen, ten, den, men, zen
  30. wet, bet, let, pet, met, set, net, get, vet, jet


We Can Book 2: Double vowels, vowel combinations, consonant blends

32 pages total: 30 pages with key words & photos, 1 dedication page, 1 We Can Books Page

  1. joy, boy, toy, coy
  2. bay, lay, day, pay, say, may, hay, ray
  3. bag, nag, rag, gag, sag, tag, wag, zag
  4. paw, caw, saw, law, jaw, raw
  5. cow, pow, vow, bow, now, wow, yow, ow
  6. row, mow, low, bow, sow, tow
  7. goo, moo, coo, boo, too, woo, poo, zoo
  8. boot, toot, loot, root, moot, hoot
  9. moon, noon, soon, goon
  10. hoop, goop, loop, poop, coop
  11. boom, loom, room, doom, zoom
  12. cook, look, book, took, hook, nook, rook
  13. wood, hood, good
  14. peep, beep, deep, keep, weep
  15. feed, weed, need, seed, deed, heed, reed
  16. boat, goat, coat, moat, load, road, toad
  17. seat, meat, heat, neat, beat, feat, eat
  18. bean, lean, mean, wean
  19. kiss, miss, hiss, kissing, missing, hissing
  20. moss, toss, boss, loss
  21. pass, sass, bass, mass, lass
  22. pack, back, rack, jack, tack, lack, sack
  23. peck, neck, deck, beck
  24. duck, buck, luck, muck, puck, yuck, suck, tuck
  25. lick, kick, pick, nick, sick, tick, wick
  26. tent, bent, dent, lent, sent, vent, pent, went
  27. fast, last, mast, past, vast, cast
  28. rust, bust, dust, gust, must, just
  29. lash, dash, hash, bash, rash, cash, mash, sash
  30. fish, dish, wish, swish

We Can Book 3: Long vowels, more vowel combinations & consonant blends

32 pages total: 30 pages with key words & photos, 1 dedication page, 1 We Can Books Page

  1. jump, bump, hump, dump, pump, lump
  2. sand, band, hand, land, and, sanding, landing
  3. bend, tend, send, lend, bending, lending
  4. rid, ride, hid, hide, tide, wide, side
  5. dot, dote, tot, tote, not, note, vote
  6. pin, pine, win, wine, vin, vine, fin, fine
  7. cake, bake, fake, lake, make, rake, sake, wake
  8. doe, toe, woe, foe, roe
  9. bale, gale, pale, sale, tale, kale, male, ale
  10. tail, wail, mail, nail, fail, rail, sail, jail, pail
  11. ball, wall, tall, fall, mall, pall, hall, call
  12. ice, mice, dice, lice, nice, vice, rice
  13. dune, rune, June, tune, dude, rude, cute, mute
  14. stop, step, stem, stew, stub, star, stun, stir
  15. shoe, shim, sham, shop, shot, ship
  16. tree, trip, trim, trap, tram, trot, trod
  17. skin, skim, skit, skid, skip, skill
  18. spot, spit, spat, spin, span, spun
  19. snow, snip, snap, snag, snug
  20. swan, swim, swam, swat, swap, sway
  21. drum, drip, drop, drag, drab, draw, drew
  22. fly, ply, sly, cry, fry, pry, try, dry, shy
  23. plum, plus, plug, play, plan, plod, plop
  24. chop, chip, chap, chat, chin, chug, chum
  25. then, than, them, they, this, that, the
  26. moth, math, path, bath
  27. quail, quill, quiz, quit, quip, quick, Queen
  28. crab, crib, cram, crop, croc, crop, cross
  29. clam, clan, clap, clip, clop, clog, clot, club, claw
  30. dock, docked, sock, socked, rock, rocked